Viviendas Municipales De Bilbao

 Bilbao Viviendas (Bilbao Municipal Housing) (VVMM) is a public local authority, an active tool of policy development to promote social housing in the City of Bilbao (Spain), with the aim of enhancing, preferably in rental housing in decent conditions for people in need.

Founded in 1918, Bilbao Viviendas is pioneer and one of the most important local social housing organizations, in the renting model.

Social housing in Bilbao is addressed to groups that have greater difficulty in obtaining housing on the open market because of their social or economic status. Within this group, Bilbao Viviendas pays special attention to young people seeking their first home.

It houses around 8,800 citizens in its stock of 4,169 dwellings. VVMM is the first organization of Spain in the ratio habitants/social housing dwellings.

Homes for rental, which rise in all neighbourhoods and districts of the city. The rehabilitation and innovation are the present challenge of Bilbao Viviendas, an agency that has managed to build the trust necessary for social housing to become a strategic area of the City of Bilbao (Spain).

Bilbao Viviendas, an agency that has managed to build the necessary trust so that social housing becomes a strategic area of the city of Bilbao and that advances towards social cohesion through rehabilitation.