UniSMART Fondazione Università degli Studi di Padova

UniSMART is the foundation of the University of Padova in charge of managing all the technology transfer and innovation consulting activities directed to companies, industrial associations, professionals, investors, banks, and other public and private bodies – both on a national and international scale. UniSMART systematically assists its 5000 researchers from 32 Departments as well as its 60,000 students in maximizing the exposure of their research which has market potential, making sure it is brought in front of the most relevant stakeholders to generate impact on society.

UniSMART focuses its activities in the provision of innovation and business support services to industry operating in several market sectors (e.g. Manufacturing, ICT, Health, Transport, Agro-food, Environment, Energy, etc.). The service portfolio of UniSMART includes business modelling and planning, access to finance and investment support, market studies, as well as business development services, enabled by the knowledge of the University researchers across 32 different disciplines and scientific areas. In addition, UniSMART provides hands-on support to SMEs in the design and implementation of their innovation strategies and projects as well as in the implementation of their international networking and/or collaboration activities leveraging on the University global reach.

UniSMART has experience in exploitation, communication and dissemination activities to bridge the gap to market, engaging users in validating solutions tackling non technical barriers from a broader perspective (social, legal, political aspects to name a few). UniSMART possesses valuable know-how and expertise in the European research and innovation landscape and has supported several R&D teams, technological ventures, start-ups and SMEs as well as large private or public organisations to the commercialisation of their research and innovation outcomes. Under these projects UniSMART has successfully offered a considerable number of business support and innovation management services concerning the delivery of exploitation risk analyses, business modelling, business planning, market research studies, etc., including the provision of related business training to research teams, start-ups, SMEs and individual researchers and entrepreneurs. Recycling and end-of-use approaches are a key horizontal elements of UniSMART activities, enabled by leading scientists and researchers from the University of Padova.