Project Overview

In the PVadapt project, combined innovations in modular construction and modular photovoltaics will lead to the creation of an adaptable and multifunctional building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) system of substantially lower cost than conventional solutions available today.

A flexible and low cost production of photovoltaics in automated processes will be employed to produce PV modules as well as elements with integrated heat pipe-based heat recovery.

These active energy components will be combined with passive and sustainable components with structural, mechanical, thermal and other functions to produce prefabricated BIPV modules. Indeed, prefabrication will be a key element in order to achieving cost reductions, as well as guaranteeing quick installation with low disruption.

The project will also employ a sustainable by design philosophy with all the parts of the system being recyclable/reusable and waste-based raw material supply chains will be established. A Smart Envelope System featuring grid connectivity, load prediction and shifting and intelligent energy management systems with predictive algorithms will be integrated in the PVadapt turn-key BIPV system.

Project goals

The two-component integrated BIPV system will be produced separately and an assembly/joining method will be developed for on-site integration. The Structural & Thermal components features a construction grade steel frame and a Thermal Component based on three main material formulations. The second part of the system consists of a Heat Mat bonded to PV modules. The combination of the two will produce “building blocks” of sufficient customization to allow components suitable for roof and façade installations, as well as new construction.