National Technical University of Athens – NTUA

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious Technical University in Greece. NTUA has more than 7000 students in 9 different schools, 700 person as academic staff and 2500 as researchers. In the European research ranking Data for the year 2010, NTUA reached the 10th place among educational organizations and the 3rd position on Networking Ranking (Reputation). NTUA has been either coordinator or participant in more than 80 European projects.

Two teams will be cooperating in the context of PVadapt, one from the School of Mining and Metallurgical engineering (Raw Materials Exploitation and Sustainable Energy Solutions) and one from the School of Chemical Engineering (Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).

Raw Materials Exploitation and Sustainable Energy Solutions in specific has a remarkable performance in scientific research and it has participated in more than 16 European research projects. The activities of the Research Team are mainly focused on research and technology development in the field of extractive industries, including development of energy efficient processes, development of innovative materials for construction applications, design, simulation and techno-economical evaluation of new production processes and Life Cycle Analysis as well as building energy management applications and demonstration activities. It has experienced significant progress the last 10 years in terms of research and development projects and has gained considerable experience and reputation, which can be proven from the numerous research programs it undertakes and the number of papers that has published.

The School of Chemical Engineering has a long tradition in accomplishing international research projects in the field of innovative materials based on nanotechnology. The scientific staff of the School of Chemical Engineering, together with post-graduate researchers, apart from their teaching and related educational activities, conduct research work assisted by post-graduate students and a considerable number of external collaborators; the amount and the high standards of this research are proved by the numerous publications in International Scientific Journals and Proceedings of International Conferences as well as by the prominent place of NTUA among all Europeans Universities, due to the increasing number of research projects financed by the EU and other Greek and foreign organizations of the public and the private sector.