Fachhochschule Burgenland Gmbh

The University of Applied Science Burgenland situated in Austria’s easternmost state of Burgenland boasts of two campuses one of which lies in the central city of Eisenstadt and the other in Pinkafeld. The university has been at the forefront of offering unique degree programmes that encompass a mix of theoretical learning coupled with hands-on, real-life practical experience. This fact elevates the university to one with a highly reputable stature not only in the territory but beyond Austria’s borders. In its 25 years of existence, over 99% of its graduates have successfully attained employment with the vast majority in positions of influence in their respective fields of expertise.

This reputation is further enhanced by the close collaboration it has with Forschung Burgenland, a full subsidiary of the University where research and development is its mainstay boasting a research portfolio of more than 5 million euros ranging from local and international research and consulting projects and representing over 100 partners in both the private and government sectors. Working closely with the national and international research partners, FH Burgenland is keen to foster public awareness of its research ventures and share its successes in promoting innovation, create employment opportunities while harnessing networks that span beyond Austria.

Given this, the Department of Energy-Environmental Management of the University of Applied Sciences is elated to be part of the PVadapt project. Its primary role will be to coordinate the research efforts using the know-how it possesses for the successful integration of the innovative PVadapt modules in the area of building automation and control systems.