Etaireia Ydreyseos Kai Apochetefseos Proteyoysis Anonimi Etaireia – EYDAP

Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.) is the largest company of its kind in Greece and serves approximately 4,300,000 customers (2,030,000 water meters) while the length of water pipelines is 9,500 km. The sewerage sector serves 3,500,000 residents with sewers spreading at almost 6,000 km. The Company operates four water treatment plants that have a nominal supply from 200.000 to 600.000 m3 daily each. EYDAP maintains an up-to-date research & development (R&D) department, staffed with experienced researchers as well as modern laboratories and installations.

The Company’s object is:

  • To provide water supply and sewerage services.
  • To design, construct, install, operate, manage, maintain, expand and upgrade water supply and sewerage systems.
  • To pump, desalinate, process, transfer, store and distribute all kinds of water as a means of serving EYDAP’s object.
  • To manage and dispose the wastewater treatment products.

The Company operates four water treatment plants that have a nominal supply from 200.000 to 600.000 m3 daily each. Four reservoirs are the company’s raw water source. All reservoirs are artificial except one, the Lake Yliki. The largest reservoir is Lake Mornos with a capacity of 764 million m3, while the smallest one, Lake Marathon, has a capacity of 25 million m3. EYDAP’s aqueduct has a length of 485 km and operates under a combination of free flow and pumping.

Additionally, EYDAP operates 3 Wastewater Treatment Plants ((WWTPs – Psyttalia, Metamorfosis and Thriassio Pedio) and the collection and transport of waste water to the WWTPs is carried out via a sewage network of 6000 Km.

EYDAP aims to be considered an innovative and dynamic enterprise that has fully incorporated the principles of Sustainability in their strategies and actions. It is the Company’s unequivocal priority that all activities, regarding the installations planning and operation, are oriented towards the minimization of environmental impact, energy efficiency and the economic management of water. In this context, EYDAP has launched an ambitious program for the efficient use of energy from Renewable Sources, with the intention to contribute to the optimization of the Company’s and the country’s energy balance and at the same time reinforce financially its business activities. EYDAP involvement in the area of energy can be grouped as follows:

  • Projects dealing with Hydropower
  • Projects dealing with the Cogeneration of Heat and Power using Biogas and Natural Gas
  • Energy Reduction Initiatives
  • Photovoltaic projects for energy production

Regarding photovoltaic projects, EYDAP has already licensed an electricity production for photovoltaic power station, 1,971 MW, which is to be built on the premises of Aharnes. The contract signing is expected soon to sell electricity to the Hellenic Electricity Market Officer, where the complete dossier has been submitted. In addition EYDAP is currently examining the construction of smaller photovoltaic plants on other privately owned buildings of the Company in order to comply with the legislative imperatives and assist in the Company’s goals concerning energy saving and energy production.