Emtech Gmbh

EMTECH GmbH is an SME established in 2015 in Darmstadt Germany, after successful participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Center (BIC) Open Call for proposals in November 2013 (ESOC44-2013). EMTech GmbH is a spin-out company of EMTECH SPACE P.C. (Greek company) and inherits major experience from EMTech Greece’s involvement in spacecraft operational simulators development and focuses on commercialization of relevant space simulation infrastructure, targeting to innovative real-time simulation analytics.

Since initiation of company’s activities, EMTech-GmbH is intensively working on an innovative information fusion & simulation analytics engine, namely the FusiX. This software framework targets to provide a complete environment for fast, easy and safe development of state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems (DSS). FusiX’s major innovation point, is transparent integration with a complex simulation environment, facilitating real-time cooperative simulation in a highly distributed manner. The simulator’s cornerstone is the SIMSAT, which is the simulation engine designed and developed by the European Space Operation Center (ESOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA), providing the infrastructure for all space missions requiring a spacecraft operational simulator.