Core Innovation and Technology

CORE INNOVATION generates, secures and shares innovation through innovative concepts, business models, and technology and conducting innovation management approach with respective communication actions. The offered technologies are in the field of artificial intelligent systems, machine and deep learning as well as data analysis for prediction and detection of anomalies, patterns and trends.

CORE’s mission includes the following:

  • Technology: Data processing and Mining, Modeling & Simulation, Decision support algorithms, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic based techniques, Optimization techniques
  • Innovation Management: A 5-step strategy to secure market success and timely delivery of the developed technologies. Understanding both technology and market is a prerequisite for success.
  • Concept & Business Model Engineering: We help you find the core of your innovation. We always look for successful solutions and consider how they could be transferred into more problems. Our understanding of the technologies and our skill to find common patterns among similar problems, allow us to identify the required innovations.
  • Training and mentoring: Training by experience and interactive sessions. Learn about Access to Finance, Innovation Management and Business Models through gaming and active interactions
  • Communication Strategy: Deliver the message in a comprehensive way. We identify the target audiences, set the objectives and the budget and assess the process