Cool Haven

Cool Haven is a Portuguese company, established in 2009, which essentially focus is on research and development of several areas of Engineering and Architecture, implementing a new concept of construction. Its modular and eco sustainable solution has been the subject of study for master’s degrees, doctorates and scientific articles in the field of architecture and engineering.

The proactive stance of Cool Haven promotes constantly looking for new solutions in order to have differentiating and optimized solutions. A culture of innovation, based on a constant search for new knowledge generation is a factor to stress, and can be proven by a number of R&D projects under development.

Cool Haven sells distinctive and innovative low-rise housing solutions. The aim of the company is to provide modular housing built with simplicity, sustainability, innovation and a clear focus on the client‟s needs. Due to the possibility of easily adding/removing modules upon request, Cool Haven enables the client to evolve with his house as the family grows in a simple way. Dry-construction using light-weight cold formed steel and the modules prefabrication guarantees sustainable construction, a technically innovative product and ensures execution of family houses up to two floors in less than 1 month.

The company‟s developed an innovative product (house) characterized by its easy, fast and safe construction, economically competitive, socially and environmentally sustainable, combining an architecture adaptable to every client needs in a perspective of the whole life span of the product – construction, utilization and disposability/deconstruction.