Alchemia-Nova Gmbh

As an evolving research institute, alchemia-nova has gained well over 18 years of grass-root-level experience in the application of circular economy principles, and the innovation and implementation of nature-based solutions. Official Cradle to Cradle® partner since 2006, the alchemia-nova team is quickly earning the reputation of being unconventional, “outside-the-box” innovators capable of conjuring disruptive, game-changing and future-proof innovations by applying a trans-disciplinary and systemic thinking approach. Endearingly referred to as “the plant-guys”, our key focal areas fall within the fields of natural resource recovery, phyto-technology, vertical constructed wetlands and green-walls, biogenic substitutes for fossil-fuel products, sustainable buildings and closed-loop processes. With over 18 national (Austrian) and European level projects under its belt (H2020, LIFE, ERA-NET, national or regional fund), alchemia-nova continues to amplify and deepen its understanding of the social sciences, resource management, technical engineering, eco-design and product visualization, ultimately seeking to contribute to a more sustainable future through the transformation of linear production-consumption patterns into closed-loop processes, thereby creating zero-waste societies.