UniSMART's Community is the innovation network of the University of Padua

UniSMART's Community is the innovation network of the University of Padua

Within the UniSMART Community, public and private enterprises work together in an Open Innovation perspective.

We help multinational companies, SME, start-ups, bank institutions, trade associations and public bodies to communicate with each other and with the University. We promote moments of confrontation and facilitate value generation.


Joining the UniSMART Community means becoming Part of the Foundation. In practice, you’ll get to sit down with one of the major, most prestigious Italian universities, and – most importantly – you’ll enjoy several benefits that will help your enterprise achieve tangible results within its innovation process.

A dedicated Key Account Manager

By joining our Program, you’ll have a reference person within the Foundation. A Key Account Manager (KAM) will be in charge of enhancing your company within our ecosystem, by identifying the university initiatives and competences more in line with your innovation requirements.

Easier relationships with the University

We make your relationship with University structures more agile, if your enterprise wishes to undertake an innovation pathway, with the support and competence of expert scholars and professors, or organize and/or take part in the initiatives involving University talents.

Networking initiatives and events

You will have the chance to take part in the Foundation’s events dedicated to the interaction and exchange of best practices, between the members of our Community and the University. We hold webinars, seminars and networking events throughout the year, with experts from the industrial and academic world.

Funding Toolbox Lite

Upon specific request, we can help you find potential funding tools, especially at European level, by analysing the relevant priorities and topics.

Visibility and branding

We will add your company logo to the special Community page, and we will make your participation visible on our communication channels, through dedicated ads. Moreover, we could evaluate the creation of joined content or events.

UniSMART Foundation logo

You may also add the Foundation logo to your company website, or use it in your PR communications.

Become a Partner of UniSMART’s Community

If you become a Partner of the Foundation, you’ll have access to many innovation projects with tangible results! What are you waiting for?