UniSMART – Fondazione Università degli Studi di Padova is the foundation of the University of Padua deputed to technology transfer and postgraduate education.

UniSMART is the meeting point between academic excellence and entrepreneurship and brings the university closer to both public and private stakeholders.

UniSMART enhances University’s assets and competencies by effectively arranging and managing different partnerships involving professors, researchers, students, university staff and partners from UniSMART’s Open Innovation Community.

UniSMART valorizes Intellectual Property, arranges and manages research projects and innovation consulting activities, provides education through Masters, long-life learning courses and corporate education programs and it also promotes Collaborative European projects and activities involving students and PhD candidates.

UniSMART’s Community is the ecosystem where the Open Innovation paradigms takes place. It is composed of large multinational companies, SMEs, startups, financial institutions, trade associations, local governments and organization from heterogenous markets. All these subjects can thus get closer to each other and to the University and benefit from continuous confrontation and from the several activities organized.

UniSMART bridges the gap between scientists and entrepreneurs by providing practical answers to the urgent challenges public and private organizations face when deciding to take the innovation path.


UniSMART aims to ease the relationship between the University of Padova and private or public companies. On both national and international level, UniSMART wants to promote and enhance academic research, education and technology transfer performed by the University of Padua.


UniSMART takes part to the scientific excellence of the University of Padua by involving professors, researchers, students, companies and public institutions in technology transfer activities and postgraduate education aimed at the social and economic development.


In accordance with the strategic guidelines of the University, UniSMART on the behalf of the University of Padua is responsible for:

  •   Supporting the valorization of patents and research outcomes
  •   Supporting the management and the development of postgraduate education and long-life learning courses
  •   Supporting the teaching and scientific and technological research activities

·   Involving local stakeholders by organizing conferences, meeting and events also with the support of other Italian or international institutions

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