UniSMART organizes a busy schedule of events promoting cross-contamination between the Partners, aiming at creating an open innovation eco-system where all attendees can give their contribution and share ideas and projects in a collaborative environment.

At least twice a year, UniSMART organizes top-level networking dinners attended by the top management of the Partner companies, who have the chance to sit at the table with researchers, startups, investors.

Once a month, UniSMART organizes our “AperiTechs”, 3-hour long pre-dinner events focused on showcasing the latest research activities carried out at the University in a certain sector. These Aperitechs normally see 2-3 professors and researchers giving a 30 mins speech on their latest achievements, and are then followed by a get-together between attending companies and professors. These events are normally attended by managers heading the R&D, Innovation and Technical departments and are hosted by different community Partners every time.

Previous Aperitechs debated of these topics: big data; cyber security; augmented reality; innovation in legal and business models; etc. The thematic events encourage the sharing of the community innovation challenges and the organization of dedicated working groups and thematic tables.

UniSMART realizes a periodic bulletin containing information sheets about the most recent patent applications presented by researchers of the University of Padova. Such bulletin is reserved only for the community Partners and contain exclusive information about the technology before they go public. Such information exchange are always protected by official NDAs and Partners get the chance to talk to inventors about their latest achievement at the earliest stage, as soon as the patent application has been presented, ensuring a time advantage for the Community members.

UniSMART assists, facilitates and supports companies in their interactions with the 32 Departments and all structures inside the University. This includes the organization of dedicated meetings and lab visits to deepen the company’s understanding of what is being done and developed at the University. Whenever a match between a company’s needs and the research group’s skills happens, our project managers assist the company in defining subject, terms and conditions of commissioned research projects, taking care of all the needed paperwork, and supervise the project in all phases until successful completion.

Entering a Partnership with UniSMART and the University of Padova is a strategic decision for a company. UniSMART’s marketers assist you in transforming this decision into a powerful message to be shared with your stakeholders and network. Collaborative articles are written and published on our online channels, joint public events are hosted and organized, and any useful co-marketing action can be shared between UniSMART and the Partner.