Work with ENI

Work with ENI

Send your proposals

Send your proposals

Framework agreement between the University of Padua and Eni

The University of Padua signed an agreement with Eni, with the purpose of consolidating their collaboration in crucial sectors and identifying new research strategic lines for sustainable development and decarbonization.

With the aim at enhancing the competences of the University of Padua related to the fields involved in the Framework Agreement, in the best way possible, the University Research Enhancement Office, along with the UniSMART Foundation, will organize two workshops in October. Before the workshops, UniSMART, in its role as the University instrumental institution, will gather professor and scholar’s proposals, meeting the following requirements:

CASE 1 – One of Eni’s specific challenge, concerning:

  • CO2 capture cost reduction
  • Higher e-fuel (H2, CH3OH, etc.) production efficiency
  • Use of CO2 in a financially sustainable way
  • Mapping/biodegradable sensors to measure organic substances and soil salinity.

CASE 2 – One of Eni’s relevant topics, concerning:

  • Water treatment
  • Biochar
  • Lithium battery recycling
  • CO2 capture
  • New PV materials
  • PV recycling
  • Water treatment energy efficiency
  • Bio-refinery oil production
  • Metal materials for magnetic fusion
  • Ceramic materials and hybrid systems
  • Wind turbine recycling
  • Renewable energy recovery technology (energy storage, crops for energy purposes, agrivoltaic sector).

CASE 3 – Alternatively, it is possible to make a spontaneous proposal concerning one of the macro-topics relevant to the company’s strategic interests.

How to submit your project proposal

Fondazione UniSMART, in partnership with the Research Enhancement Office of the University of Padua and with Eni, will gather research project proposals from the University Departments.

Case 1 and 2

Reply to one of ENI’s specific challenges or topics

  • Download the form to submit your research proposal;
  • Fill out all the form sections;
  • Upload the form in the relevant section.

Note: Download and send 1 form for each specific challenge/topic you wish to apply for.

Case 3

Send your spontaneous proposal

  • Read the framework agreement documents on the Moodle platform (login via SSO);
  • Download the form to submit your research proposal using the button below;
  • Fill out all the form sections;
  • Upload the form in the relevant section.

Send your proposal

After filling out the form with your proposal, upload the documents.
All proposals will be assessed by Fondazione UniSMART evaluation team, by the Research Enhancement Office and by Eni.

How can we help you?

Contact our team to understand how to get access to the resources of the University of Padua, and start a collaboration in line with your needs.