Call for proposals

Call for proposals

CDP - Technology Transfer Biotech Hub

CDP - Technology Transfer Biotech Hub

Framework agreement between the University of Padua and Extend Biotech Hub

Extend Biotech Hub is the National Technology Transfer Biotech Hub for the pharmaceutical sector.

Extend’s purpose – established on the initiative of CDP Venture Capital through its Tech Transfer Fund, along with partners Evotec and Angelini Ventures – is investing in research teams for the development of new drugs and therapeutic approaches.

Thanks to the framework agreement signed with Extend, the University of Padua is one of the Scientific Promoters of this initiative, along with the IRSCC of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the Universities of Milan, Florence, Modena and Reggio Emilia, La Sapienza (Rome), Puglia Regional  Research District through H-Bio, and the Human Technopole.

Extend will act as expertise aggregation platform for the main national research, acceleration, investment and business stakeholders in the biotech field.

Extend is part of an investment operation consisting of over 55 million euro, allocated by the Technology Transfer Fund, to create an infrastructure supporting the technology transfer supply chain: with 15 million euro destined to the Extend Hub directly, to fund 50 Proofs of Concept and 40 Start-ups, and 40 million dedicated to support the establishment of new venture capital funds, specialized in the biopharmaceutical sector.

The Research Enhancement Office of the University of Padua, in partnership with Fondazione UniSMART, will gather research project proposals from the University Departments.

If you think you have an idea, or a research project

in therapeutic areas with a high unmet medical need, reach out to us, to request further information on the characteristics of the project you can submit, or any other information concerning the call


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After filling out the form with your proposal, upload the documents. All proposals will be assessed, and we will contact you, in case of missing data.
The projects will be assessed and all applicants will be contacted to share the submission plans.

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