Patents e IP

Patents e IP

We promote the transfer of new services and technologies to the market, contributing to society's cultural and economic development

We promote the transfer of new services and technologies to the market, contributing to society's cultural and economic development

UniSMART selects the inventions with the highest commercial potential for the industry

The University of Padua has awarded its Foundation – UniSMART – the exclusive mandate to promote the Intellectual Property developed within the University, with the purpose of encouraging the transfer of new services and technologies to the market, to contribute to society’s cultural and economic development.

UniSMART Project Managers, along with the Research Enhancement Office (UVR) of the University Research and Business Relationships Area, engage with scholars and inventors every single day, following their projects, assessing their business potential, and identifying the best applications for research results. They also present the potential of University of Padua’s know-how and Patent portfolio to national and international companies and Venture Capitals, gather company requests with the higher propensity to innovation, and negotiate patent and IP licensing agreements for the University.

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Our patents

  • Use of small molecules to rescue folding defective proteins

    The use of CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) correctors for the treatment of rare and devastating genetic muscular diseases, namely sarcoglycanopathies and Brody myopathy, is the object of this invention. Sarcoglycanopathies and Brody myopathy are rare inherited striated muscle[...]

  • Small molecule inhibitors of OPA1 GTPase activity with anti-cancer properties

    Cancer is a complex disease resulting from the interplay between the tumor cell and its microenvironment, featuring impaired apoptosis and activation of quiescent blood vessels to induce neovascularization to support metastasis. Two of the yet unmet needs in anticancer therapy[...]

  • Bicyclic peptides for targeted therapy against cancer

    Since inhibitors based on small molecules and macromolecules are not selective and potent enough, new compounds, including bicyclic peptides, have been developed in recent years. Bicyclic peptides are new generation therapeutic molecules which exhibit properties typical of monoclonal antibodies (high[...]

  • A method for self-calibration of mmWave radar networks from moving target trajectories

    The proposed technique computes the roto-translation parameters of multiple mmWave radar devices respect to a reference coordinate system. The method calibrates radars in pairs and it is based on computing the optimal rigid transformation that matches the movement trajectories of[...]

  • A resilient and user-friendly CAPTCHA

    In order to protect on line services form malicious attacks, access is only granted to users by solving a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) to distinguish a human user from a malicious software[...]

  • Bluetooth channel protection for Android devices

    This patent describes a security system for Android devices that can block access to Bluetooth channels by unauthorized, potentially malicious, applications. This patented invention is a novel solution for the protection of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy channels in Android[...]

  • Communication system based on multipole-phase division

    The patent discloses a spatial division multiplexing optical communication system comprising optical devices for the multiplexing and demultiplexing of beams endowed with different multipole phases. This invention proposes an innovative and efficient solution to increase the transmission capacity of the[...]

  • Devices and Method for Calibrating Industrial Robots

    This invention shows a tool, a calibration element and a method for calibration of a mechatronic system. The idea behind this invention is to make the body of a calibration tool designed so that the tool itself can be coupled[...]

  • Smart device security system

    Smart devices are an important part of today’s world, but their security is constantly threatened by a wide array of attacks. This invention uses FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to implement a Remote Attestation as a low-cost, easy to implement[...]