European Projects

European Projects

We generate and promote innovation opportunities through collaborations with several European stakeholders

We generate and promote innovation opportunities through collaborations with several European stakeholders

UniSMART, your ideal partner to co-develop and manage complex projects with international funding.

UniSMART is active within a European framework with many Companies, Research Institutions and other Organizations, to promote innovation through industrial competitiveness, sustainable development of our society, and mutual skill exchange.

Through this diversified network, UniSMART comes across as a hub of competences and resources, to be catalysed in funded collaborative projects.

What we do

UniSMART Foundation is the ideal partner to develop and manage project proposals and to implement funded projects. UniSMART can support its ecosystem both during the design and implementation phase, by identifying the best resources.

By scouting opportunities and matchmaking

UniSMART constantly maps out the European scene, identifying partners, experts, and consortia ready to collaborate and suggest project ideas in line with the periodical funding calls published by European Institutions. By scouting calls and proposals, we signal the best funded co-project opportunities to our Partners, in line with their interests.

Ideas and projects

From the ideas to the proposal, UniSMART can help you Manage your Project, by establishing the right partnership and drafting the proposal. It helps its local Partners integrate within the European project network, by promoting and enhancing the territory, through the implementation of pilot projects on a local scale.

Project management

UniSMART has the right skills to manage complex partnerships, to implement the funded projects and to manage any budgeting requirements toward European Institutions. Specifically, UniSMART transfers its Project Management, Partners & Finance Management, and Result CommunicationDissemination and Enhancement competence at European level.

Project portfolio


    H2020’s BIM2TWIN aims to build a Digital Building Twin platform for construction management, integrating lean principles with the purpose of reducing operational waste of different kinds (time, cost, quality, safety) also reducing carbon footprint.


    H2020’s BIOMAC will establish an Open Innovation Test Bed where technologies/solutions utilising nano-enabled bio-based materials will be upscaled and prepared for market applications.


    Starting from bioethanol, CO2 and sunlight, DECADE objective is to develop innovative components for artificial photosynthesis in order to obtain high value product, like sustainable solvents and building blocks used in green chemistry and fuel.


    H2020’s ENSNARE aim to boost the implementation of NZEB renovation packages in Europe, focusing on residential buildings. The project develops two main technologies: building components and digital solutions.


    Horizon Europe’s EXPLOIT4INNOMAT is an Open Innovation Ecosystem for exploitation of materials for building envelopes towards zero energy buildings.

  • Forkits

    CEI’s FORKITS – Food expertise and know-how exchange on technology transfer between Italy and Serbia. FORKITS is funded by the Central European Initiative.


    To address the growing security and ethical threats on smart cities, IMPETUS aims to develop an integrated toolkit that covers the complete physical and cybersecurity value chain (detection, simulation & analysis, intervention).

  • InComEss

    InComEss targets to develop efficient smart materials, combining advanced polymer based-composite materials into a novel single/multi-source concept, to harvest electrical energy from mechanical energy and/or waste heat ambient sources.

  • InnoRate

    InnoRate’s purpose is to support and improve the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative, tech-driven SMEs, through a novel service platform offering objective and forward-looking rating methodologies.

  • LightCoce

    The main objective of the H2020’s LightCoce project is to cover the gap in the upscaling and testing of multifunctional lightweight concrete and ceramic materials by providing open access to SMEs and Industry to Pilot Lines.


    H2020’s MAKING-CITY focuses on demonstrating the potential of the Positive Energy Districts approach as the basis for efficient and sustainable planning and development of urban areas: energy storage and transfer, smart buildings, etc.


    H2020’s PRELUDE’s objective is to facilitate the transition to clean energy by assessing the necessities of any given household and then accordingly providing the optimal tools, combining innovative, smart, low-cost solutions.

  • Progetto Cradle-ALP per l’Interreg Alpine Space

    Interreg Alpine Space’s Cradle-ALP project is focused on enhancing cradle-to-cradle circular approaches.

  • PVadapt

    Combining innovations in modular construction and modular photovoltaics, H2020’s PVadapt aims to create an adaptable and multifunctional building integrated photovoltaics system, substantially cheaper than conventional solutions.


    H2020’s SHELTER focuses in the protection of Cultural Heritage gathering and providing information, best practices and new technologies to prevent Climate Change related damages.

  • StepUP

    H2020’s StepUP aims to develop a new process for deep energy renovation with fast design, in order to minimise performance gaps and optimise investments, while scaling up promising technologies solutions to Plug&Play building level application.


    H2020’s VARCITIES puts the citizen and the “human community” in the eye of the future cities’ vision. The aim is to implement real, visionary ideas establishing sustainable models for increasing H&WB of citizens through shared public spaces.


    EIT Raw Materials’ WAPOL’s objective is to develop new flame retarded polymers using no Critical and Toxic compounds (antimony and bromine) reducing costs, toxicity and risks of supply for these materials.

Want to know your opportunities at European level?

European projects are an important tool to finance innovation, and they are targeted to companies and enterprises of any size, and to University research teams.