Applied Research

Applied Research

We identify the best competence mix for a research project within our University Departments and Structures

We identify the best competence mix for a research project within our University Departments and Structures

UniSMART helps you find the best solutions to make your enterprise grow and move forward, every step of the way.

The University of Padua is the largest research and development hub in north-eastern Italy, lead partner of the North-Eastern Competence Centre Industry 4.0.
It has been acknowledged as the best Italian major university for the quality of research carried out in its labs.

Trusting the competence of its over 2200 scholars belonging to 32 different Departments – ranging from Engineering to Psychology, Medicine, Law, Chemistry and Economics – The UniSMART Foundation supports the creation of contract-based research projects, and offers innovation consultancy services.

By analysing the needs of a company, we are able to identify the best mix of competences and labs within the University Departments and Facilities, to implement a short, medium or long-term research and innovation project.

One of UniSMART Project Managers will support the company from the first request to the end of the project, while ensuring compliance with the budget, deadlines and expected results.

Project phases

1. First contact and Company-UniSMART meeting

We are always ready to schedule a meeting at your company’s premises or remotely, to get into the details of your request

2. Scouting for the most suitable research project

After the preliminary meeting, UniSMART will find the most suitable Unipd research team – among over 2200 scholars – in terms of competence and respondence with your project

3. Project definition

With the help of the research team, we will define the details of your project, by agreeing on deliverables, deadlines and budget

4. Contract activation

Forget the paperwork – UniSMART will actively take care of stipulating an agreement with your organization

5. Project development

UniSMART will assign a project manager to every active project, to support the work team and ensure budget, deadline and deliverable quality compliance

6. Conclusion and potential follow-ups

After the project is completed, we can discuss further added-value collaborations based on the results obtained

How can we help you?

Contact our team to understand how to get access to the resources of the University of Padua, and start a collaboration in line with your needs.