The object of the patent is a walking simulator capable of reproducing the kinematics and kinetics of the leg during a wide variety of gait-related tasks (level/inclined/stairs walking…) and walking conditions (uneven/wet/muddy terrains…), with the purpose of collecting meaningful data in a safe, ethic repeatable, controllable and quantitative manner.
The design exploits the biomechanics of walking to minimize the actuation requirements while ensuring optimal performances in terms of simulated gait fidelity, leading to an overall relatively low cost of the hardware.
The integration of sensors and software provides an automatic and in-depth biomechanical analysis of the prosthetic device tested.
Moreover, this walking simulator can be optionally integrated with active and/or sensorized prosthesis to unlock further control and analysis potentials.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

TRL 4/5 / 9




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