This solar shading system can improve the energy efficiency of buildings by controlling the amount of solar radiation that hits vertical surfaces, with automated panel positioning, based on internal and external temperature as well as local illumination values. Modular, scalable and flexible, it can be installed on new or refurbished constructions.
This patented structure, ideal in the temperate climate zone, uses aluminium panels, whose position is determined by real time temperature and illumination parameters. The panels slide along a vertical structure fixed parallel to the surface, in order to offer maximum shading or maximum folding when the screens are unnecessary. The system is an ideal retrofit since it is modular and adaptable: it can be used to shade single openings or entire facades. Its particular geometry, with different inclinations according to the positioning, is a valuable aesthetic addition to architectural surfaces. The colour and finishing of the panel can also be customized.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

TRL 5 / 9




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