The present invention, named SelfReHeating – SRH, is a new configuration of the geothermal power plant, that allows for more efficient – compared to current standards – power generation.
The technology uses a regenerative re-heating process. It consists of using the steam separated at the wellhead through a cyclone separator in a backpressure turbine where it is expanded at a pressure generally higher than atmospheric pressure. The wet steam at the outlet of the backpressure turbine is heated using the liquid separated at the wellhead and sent to a steam turbine for expansion up to the pressure of the condenser. Re-heating increases both the enthalpy drop and the isentropic efficiency of the expansion process.
So, the present geothermal power plant has an unedited configuration that allows to obtain a significant increase in power generation compared to known system with the same boundary conditions.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

TRL 5/6 / 9






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