Low energy accelerators are used in industry and research to generate ion beams suitable for various purposes.
This foreseen accelerator overcomes some of the limitations present in state-of-the-art accelerators.
In fact, it allows the construction of an accelerator using a series of lower voltage modules, instead than by resistive division of the voltage generated on one single high voltage terminal.
The all-electronic high voltage generation system allows the use of a liquid dielectric, as an alternative to standard high pressure gases, improving the accelerator safety.
Maintainability and duty cycle improvement occurs too, being the only needed intervention the replacement of a broken module, while the accelerator can operate at lower energy just bypassing it while waiting for repair.
The development plan aims to reach a TRL7 within mid 2022.

TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

TRL 3 / 9


P. Zotto

E. Borsato

R. Gobbo

P. Antonini

F. Dal

C. Fanin

A. Galatà

C. S. Gallo

M. Zago

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