Colonoscopy with a flexible endoscope is a fundamental exam for cancer screening, it allows early diagnosis of colon and rectal cancers. Over 16.6 million colonoscopies are performed annually in United States.
In the prior art, during colonoscopy the visualization of the anus and the distal rectum is limited because the anus tightens around the endoscope. To visualize the anus and the distal rectum the endoscopist performs the retroversion maneuver, by bending the endoscope like an umbrella. This procedure increases the risk of injury to the rectum and limits the full visualization of the distal section of the anus closed around the endoscope.
The present invention consists of a device applicable to the endoscope that allows the visualization of the anus. The device also presents an external interface that guarantees gas tightness during the diagnostic exam, to protect healthcare personnel.

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