• Dynamometric handrimfor the telemetric measurement of wheelchair push biomechanics

    In response to a longstanding need for accurate measurement of forces applied to wheelchair handrims, a groundbreaking telemetric system has been developed, marking a significant advancement in assistive technology. This[...]

  • A Method and system for reconstructing the micro-Doppler spectrogram from estimated scattered channel in communication and sensing joint applications

    There is growing interest in human tracking, human activity recognition (HAR), and person identification by reusing wireless signals transmitted by existing communication devices, such as WiFi and cellular radio transceivers.[...]

  • Redox battery safety system

    This patented multifunction device acts as a safety system and millibar controller of inert gas inside tanks, such as those used for redox flow batteries in large energy storage systems[...]

  • Flow-Forming Equipment For Manufactures

    The patent relates to a novel tube flowforming process, with the use of an innovative equipment that makes use of a constrain used to increase the amount compression stress state[...]

  • Compartmented stack and tanks for redox flow batteries

    A new configuration of Redox Flow Battery tanks and stacks has been designed to achieve better control of the electrolyte flow, thus avoiding strong variations of the battery voltage. This[...]

  • Battery management system for redox flow batteries

    Electronic Battery Management System (BMS) specifically designed to optimise the performance of Redox Flow Batteries used for energy storage in power plants that generate electricity with renewable resources or within[...]

  • A novel saccharomyces cerevisiae strain for authentic lison pramaggiore doc wines

    The use of selected yeasts is a common practice in oenology which consists in adding these microorganisms in the form of dry formulations (active dry yeasts) or in paste to[...]

  • In-line Damper for Space Application

    The In-Line Damper aims to provide energy dissipation from a tether, to reduce oscillations and improve dynamical stability, particularly for a conductive tape/tether for space applications. The mechanism also provides[...]

  • Arbitrary 3D lattices of Bessel beams for industrial applications

    Bessel Beams (BB) and BB lattices (BBL) represent a key enabling technology in photonics, microscopy, material processing, lithography and nanofabrication, as they enable generation of extended focal depth, self-healing and[...]