• Redox battery safety system

    This patented multifunction device acts as a safety system and millibar controller of inert gas inside tanks, such as those used for redox flow batteries in large energy storage systems To ensure continuous and stable electrical output from renewable resources,[...]

  • Compartmented stack and tanks for redox flow batteries

    A new configuration of Redox Flow Battery tanks and stacks has been designed to achieve better control of the electrolyte flow, thus avoiding strong variations of the battery voltage. This optimizes the exchange of power between grid and battery. To[...]

  • Battery management system for redox flow batteries

    Electronic Battery Management System (BMS) specifically designed to optimise the performance of Redox Flow Batteries used for energy storage in power plants that generate electricity with renewable resources or within power grids, in rapid and cost efficient way. This patented[...]

  • Arbitrary 3D lattices of Bessel beams for industrial applications

    Bessel Beams (BB) and BB lattices (BBL) represent a key enabling technology in photonics, microscopy, material processing, lithography and nanofabrication, as they enable generation of extended focal depth, self-healing and less prone to diffraction beams compared traditional approaches such as[...]

  • SPOT – Smart Pan for InductiOn heaTing and cooking

    An innovative smart pan for induction cookpot is the object of this invention. The pan consists of internal layer made of ferromagnetic material and the external coating made of insulating material such as wood or silicon. This smart pan is[...]

  • Colorimetric sensor array for pH measurement

    The invention is a novel pH-meter based on Colorimetric Sensor Arrays (CSA), that surpasses the current limits of the CSA pH-meters, such as single use, relatively slow reaction times and inaccurate pH measurements both in acidic and basic ends of[...]

  • Electrically and Mechanically Modular Electrostatic Accelerator with Optical Power Supply

    Low energy accelerators are used in industry and research to generate ion beams suitable for various purposes. This foreseen accelerator overcomes some of the limitations present in state-of-the-art accelerators. In fact, it allows the construction of an accelerator using a[...]

  • Enzyme treatment for bioplastic recycling

    This technology aims to improve the hydrolysis of bioplastics though the use of microbial enzymes that efficiently hydrolyze polyesters in bioplastic materials. In contrast to cellulosic sugar cane-based materials, starch-based bioplastics and polylactic acid (PLA) items can remain undegraded after[...]

  • High temperature insulating method for electric motor windings

    In the state of the art, complex methods are used to install ceramic insulators in commercial electric motors. In addition, thermally low- performing insulators limit the temperature range in which the motor can operate. A new methodology for insulating electric[...]