Our innovation consulting services can help your company in:

  • Defining strategic roadmaps for the development of new products and services;
  • Identifying and exploiting the enabling technologies and competences that can be found inside the University and its international network;
  • Mapping the most active players in the world of EU research and innovation funding and identifying the most promising calls for a specific topic;
  • Defining innovative legal solutions for new business models and emerging technologies;
  • Solving pressing technical issues that endanger your product’s efficiency and reliability;
  • Setting up training courses and internal academies able to cover vertical and multidisciplinary competencies needed by your employees;
  • Organizing “Idea Contests” and “Hackathons” that involve and rely on the contribution of talented bachelor, master and Ph.D. students who compete to solve market-driven challenges.

UniSMART has been built to become an Innovation Hub for Veneto, Italy and Europe. Our aim is to bring new technologies and know-how from the University to partners interested in boosting both their business and knowledge. An important challenge is to assist our partners and clients in the Industry 4.0 era. Many ways are feasible, according to your interests:

  • keep your employees up to date establishing an online Academy in your company, nurturing the base of your company: your people;
  • get contaminated by young minds that will help you in finding innovative and digital solutions, our Hackathons and Contamination Labs are the starting points of advantageous collaborations to bring your company to the future;
  • let’s study the state of the art of IP and scientific literature to determine the freedom to operate in your new ventures in the IoT and digital world