Space for your App HACKATHON

2nd EU Space programmes Hackathon, with Galileo and Copernicus

24-26th October 2018, Padova (Italy)

Likely, not more than 5 minutes ago. Space technologies are a core asset of our lives and society as we know it. Yet, because space technology is somehow remote, we tend to forget what enables us to check the weather, monitor the sea, or position ourselves, our means of transport or any other asset we may want to track, and this is where the EU space programme Galileo and Copernicus play a crucial role.

Galileo, sometimes called the ’European GPS‘, is the European Union’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and provides accurate positioning and timing information.

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, looking at our planet and its environment for the ultimate benefit of all European citizens. Copernicus uses accurate and timely data to provide key information services aiming to improve the way the environment is managed, help mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security.

The high accuracy of Galileo timing and positioning data opens the doors to a new range of applications from drones, to car navigation, from search and rescue, to law enforcement, even more now that users and app developers can access GNSS raw measurements data on Android 7+.

Copernicus imagery and data can be used for a wide array of applications such as sustainable development and nature protection, regional and local planning, agriculture and forestry, public health and civil protection. The full, free and open Copernicus data policy will generate invaluable opportunities for start-ups and SME’s to enrich their commercial ideas with data coming from Copernicus satellites and in-situ sensors.

We are looking for field experts (engineers to geologists, economists, sociologists, etc), app developers, coders, graphic and web designers, data scientists, marketers, dreamers, and pioneers who want to shape the future of Earth Observation, Location-Based Services (LBS) and IoT, and discover how space technologies can help transform ideas into reality!

Among applications included are:

  • Smart mobility: innovative GNSS-enabled applications contributes to the reduction of congestion while implementing faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options
  • Augmented Reality and games: the integration of positioning with virtual information allows the development of pinpoint services aimed at entertaining or informing users
  • Geo marketing and advertising: consumer preferences are combined with positioning data to provide exceptionally personalised offers to potential customers
  • Mapping & GIS: the enhanced processing power of modern smartphones, their portability and the location capabilities make them very suitable to develop Geographic Information System applications and create crowdsourced maps
  • Fitness, sport and mHealth: fitness and mHealth applications rely on GNSS –in addition to other sensors- to monitor users’ physical performances
  • Enterprise applications: GNSS-based tracking solutions contribute to improving productivity and safety of workers through mobile workforce management solutions
  • Social networking: the location of people is a relevant information around which develop specific services in social networks.

The contest will rely on the contribution of multidisciplinary teams that will express the most diverse and complimentary backgrounds.

ESA will provide an API that will allow easy access to Earth Observation data, in particular to those from the Copernicus programme. The geographical area offered to the users will focus on data sets covering the Southern part of Europe. However, some worldwide data sets will be part of the API as well.

Galileo enabled hardware with GNSS raw measurements to play with. Additionally, the GSA report “White Paper on using GNSS Raw Measurements” can provide relevant information on how to leverage raw measurements to

A board composed of senior officials from ESA, GSA, Unismart and the University of Padova will evaluate projects from all teams and the best-rated one will be awarded with the following:

  • ESA will offer the winning team a participation in the ESA-ESRIN app camp in 2019, all expenses paid and without additional qualification. The winning team will also be invited to spend one day in ESRIN in late 2018 to learn about the possibilities of the ESRIN Phi-Lab and to receive information from the ESA Business Incubation Center Italy regarding a potential incubation of the idea in an ESA BIC.
  • GSA will offer the winning team the possibility of presenting their application at the European Space Week Conference in Marseille, 3-6 December 2018, the largest gathering of GNSS and EO experts in Europe! GSA will offer the entire winning team a 3-day stay at the conference (including travel and accommodational expenses) and the possibility of presenting the application idea in front of a qualified audience. This will be a great opportunity to take the winning application idea further!
  • A monetary prize of 2.000,00 EUR (before taxes) will be granted to the winning team.

Several companies will be attending and sponsoring the event so recruiting opportunities can be expected for the most talented participants. Monetary incentives are being discussed with the sponsors.

The event will take place in Padova (Italy), 30 km west of Venice and 80 km east of Verona. Closest airports are Venice, Verona, Milano Bergamo and Bologna. The hackathon will be hosted by the Department of Information Engineering (via Gradenigo 6b) on the 24th October and then by the Padova Exhibition Centre (via Tommaseo 59) on the 25th and 26th October 2018. Both venues are within 10-minute walk from the central train and bus station.


Attendance at the hackathon is free and includes access to the event, meals and snacks, use of all available spaces and equipment, wifi connection. However it is mandatory to register using the form below.

Join the hackathon, showcase your skills, connect with the app-dev community, gain a competitive advantage for your future projects and win great prizes for you and your team.

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