CE&A - Circular Engineering & Architecture

Through a new design method called Eco Generative Architecture, based on the observation of nature under microscope, CE&A master trains architects and engineers in extracting from nature geometries, patterns, modular principles, ideas for structures and materials. Our master students will learn how their final project can be translated into a ‘file to factory’ for its real construction. Architects and engineers of this master have to take into consideration the energetic management, the maintenance and the final recycling of their designs. For this reason, our master students will attend a specific didactic strategy that faces each challenge that the world of construction is going to deal with in the future. Our aim is to prepare new professional figures to face the environmental problems.

Objectives and learning outcomes

CE&A master is addressed to engineers and architects interested in environmental design, that work or want to work in Professional Firms, Private Companies, Public Administrations, International Institutions, ONG, Energy Service Companies, and Utilities Companies. CE&A master trains new professional figures to work in teams. The students will learn how to guarantee, manage and organize architectures or engineering structures and infrastructures related to nature. They will work with softwares and technologies of last generation. Thanks to the aforementioned skills, our master students will be able to successfully afford the most recent warnings of the European environmental directives.

📌  The pre-enrollment is mandatory in order to enroll.

Course organization

The lessons of CE&A master will be on Friday and Saturday (16 hours per week). At the end of the training activity our master students will face an internship at the partner Companies and Organizations. During this internship the students will be helped and supervised by a teacher of the master.

The program is fully taught in English. CE&A main modules delivered by both Italian and international professors.

CE&A master is divided into 3 thematic areas – Trans Naturality, Digital Manufactured, Research and Communication – which include n. 16 courses divided into modules. These thematic areas concern the design, management, maintenance, promotion and recycling of an architectural and/or an engineering artefact.

The training courses of CA&E cover different topics, all however linked to design, realization and promotion of a project that respects nature and the Circular Economy process.

These topics are mainly:

Acquisition of an eco-generative design method. It is an innovative, critical, compositional, conceptual approach, that can involve the entire construction industry, from the starting idea to its final recycling.

Autonomy in Green designing. This autonomy provides technological skills for the analysis, evaluation and synthesis of the environmental sustainability.

Autonomy in the legislation that regulates the Circular Economy process

Autonomy in technological tools for designing and for creating a file to factory.

Acquisition of communication skills to promote and advance the project at any level, referring to the construction industry as well as to the Circular Economy world.

Ability to promote not only in professional, but also in research contexts, the virtuous process of circular economy applied to the construction industry.



Digital manufactured


Research & Communication


  • Ing. Claudio ACHILLI
  • Ing. Daniela AMANDOLESE
  • Prof. Paolo BORIN
  • Dott.ssa Francesca COPPA
  • Prof. Luca DORETTI
  • Dott. James FINESTONE
  • Prof. Emilio GENOVESI
  • Arch. Raffaella LAEZZA
  • Prof.ssa Maria Cristina LAVAGNOLO
  • Prof. Simone MILANI
  • Prof. Cosimo MONTELEONE
  • Dott.ssa Paola MOSCHINI
  • Prof. Edoardo NARNE
  • Dott.ssa Beatrice POMARO
  • Arch. Tai SAMMARTINI
  • Prof. Gianpaolo SAVIO
  • Prof. Stefano ZAGGIA

Padua University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Italy. This characteristic is a great resource because between the faculty members of Padua University there are experts in every subject linked with architecture, engineering and Circular Economy. Moreover, CE&A master is proud to offer expert teachers from the world of design and from the companies that have joined the initiative, in order to establish a close link between theory and practice.

CE&A master is sponsored by the Departments of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering of the University of Padua. Between our partners there are national and international Companies (with offices in the main Italian cities) interested in the issues that link the world of construction with the Circular Economy.

CE&A partners are:

– Agilyx Inc.
– Arca Centro Ricerca
– Arup Italia
– BS Bambù strutturale
– Carducci Group
– Centrolegno Srl
– Crossfire Srl
– DBA Group
– Delta Phoenix
– DIAB Group
– Gemmo Spa
– Green Economy GS4C
– Macro Design Studio
– Nanoprom Chemicals
– Rivierasca Spa
– Wasp Building Engineer 3D Printing Construction
– Wolf System Srl
– Zephir Passive House Italia

AreaHealth, Environment And Territory
Start and end datesNovember 2021 – September 2022
Classes are held at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile Edile e
Ambientale, via Marzolo 9, 35131 Padova
Places available (min-max)10-15
Entry RequirementsLauree ante D.M. 509
Classi delle lauree specialistiche D.M. 509
Classi delle lauree magistrali D.M. 270
Architecture Master’s Degree
Civil Engineering Master’s Degree
Environmental Master’s Degree
Credits60 CFU
Attendance70% minimum
Enrollment feeMaster € 6.022,50

First payment: € 4.022,50

Second payment: € 2.000,00
More InfoFurther details are available on the Selection Process Notice 21/22, on UniPD website, Master section.

MBM – Business and Management

The Master in Business and Management (MBM) delivered in partnership with European Fragrance and Cosmetics Master (EFCM) started in 2002 through an agreement between:

  • Department of Economics and Management, UniPD
  • Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, UniPD
  • ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International du Parfum e de la Cosmétique Aromatique Alimentaire)
  • l’Universitè de Versailles Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines.

MBM is a course designed for students who do not have a previous background in business and economics. Therefore, it is ideal for students with a science degree. Other degree courses may also be taken into consideration so do get in touch with us if you hold a degree in any area outside the business field.

Objectives and learning outcomes

Our specific objectives are:

  • To provide a good solid base in business, management and marketing.
  • To prepare students for a career in the modern business world.
  • To get students in touch with the reality of the industry by combining theory with practice.
  • To provide the student with an international learning environment.

Since 2002, the MBM have welcomed students from more than 45 countries. Multiculturalism and international learning environment is one of the relevant features of the program that further contributes to professional growth of students.

Course organization

The MBM has a duration of 12 months for the students who are not part of the EFCM program. Teaching takes place from September to March, followed by a period of internship/project work lasting at least 4 monthsClasses are held approximatively from Monday to Friday. The Master ends with the elaboration and discussion of a Final Project Work (FPW), discussed around the end of September.

The MBM program is fully taught in English. MBM main modules delivered by both Italian and international professors:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management in Organizations
  • Marketing Management and Customer Behavior
  • Strategic Management of the Enterprise
  • Advanced Topics in Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Plan

MBM Industry specific courses given by leading industry experts:

  • New Product Development in the fragrance and cosmetic industry
  • Environmental Management and Regulatory Affairs
  • Management of Operations in the fragrance and cosmetic industry

Teaching is followed by a period of internship lasting at least 4 months in Italy or abroad during which the students are required to elaborate a Final project work.

You can download the program details by filling the form provided.

Our Learning Approach

We use a variety of methodologies and activities in order to reach our objectives such as lectures, seminars, case studies, business games, visits to companies, interviews, group project, report writing and discussions, soft skill labs, etc.

We adopt an interactive approach in the classroom where students are encouraged to take an active role during the lessons. All teaching material is made available to the student prior to the start of a module. This allows students to prepare themselves before the teaching of a module start. We believe that given the intensive nature of this master course it is absolutely vital that students can have access to the course material in advance so they can make the most of each module.
Our learning approach includes the group work modality. It is important that students learn to work as a team in this environment. They are often requested to produce high quality team projects within limited amount of time. They then have to present the project in a professional manner. These activities encourage the development of certain skills that we consider of high importance and very relevant for managerial figures:

  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Our experience shows that for our graduates having acquired or developed these skills is enormously useful and a real plus when they come to face the job market environment.

Single Courses

The MBM also offers the opportunity to attend individual courses addressed not only to the University of Padova students but also to other applicants regardless of educational qualifications. At the end of each course you can take the exam and obtain the certification of the activity performed.

Modules available also in single course units:

  • Operations Management (30 h);
  • Strategic Management of the Enterprise (36 h).

This master would interest specially those companies looking for professional profiles highly competent both at technical and management levels.

Some areas that our students could be involved in: marketing management, project management, product development, product safety, science marketing, sales management, technical management, regulatory affairs, junior entrepreneur, fragrance and cosmetic press and communications, etc.

Every year we bring managers from the industry to talk to students about their own experience in their companies. Their presentations are included in the schedule of the industry specific modules (ISC). This is an important part of our Master as students find very engaging and enriching in order to be able to see directly the real day to day work experience from highly regarded professionals in the sector.
Here is a list of some of the companies we have good relationship with and come either in the classroom to give the lectures or take our students as interns.

  • L’Erbolario
  • Mavive (Merchant of Venice)
  • Mane Italy and Spain
  • Gruppo L’Oréal
  • Beauty San
  • Beghin
  • Gattefossé
  • BASF
  • Unifarco
  • Reckitt Benckiser Italia S.p.a
  • Symrise (Italy, France and Genrmany)
  • Estée Lauder
  • L’Oréal Paris
  • Symrise (France, Germany and Italy)
  • Intercos
  • Unilever
  • IFF
  • Givaudan
  • Firmenich
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Henkel
  • Jean Neil

AreaEconomics and management
Start and End DateNovember 2021 – September 2022
(teaching: September - March
Entry RequirementsFirst-cycle degree (Bachelor’s degree)
Attendance90% (required)
Tuition FeeMaster € 7,898,00

First Installment: € 5.898,00

Second Installment: € 2.000,00
Single courseMaster € 760,00
Available places: 2 for each course unit
More InfoFurther details will are available on the Selection Process Notice 21/22, on UniPD website.

Prof. Giacomo Boesso

MBM – Director

Piergiorgio Dal Santo

Luxury Marketing professor, Co-Founder LP Attitude Milano

Filippo Manucci

Senior Global Vice President, Intercos Group

Antonio Argentieri

Senior Manager & Counsellor International Affairs, L’Erbolario

Rosana Fabbiani

BPC Marketing Consultant for brand development

Monia Benvegnù

Business Development Beauty Care Solutions BASF

Marcello Bellani

Ex-studente MBM, COO di Flash Beauty Holding

MIBS - International business for small and medium enterprises


The Master aims at training expert professional profile in the management of internationalization at management level and business processes, making the student able to define and evaluate a project idea, preparing a business plan and establishing a marketing plan, including through the tools of the web and social media. The sector of employment will be in companies and organizations, where the propensity to internationalization is high.
The professional figure created for the course “Supporting SME Internationalization and Web marketing” is that of junior manager related to the activities of export managers, project managers, global supply chain managers, marketing managers, social media managers and similar activities.

Objectives and learning outcomes

The Professional Course is devoted to train new professional figures applying the concepts, contents, languages, and methods of management. The goal is to develop specific skills in the context of firms’ internationalization. The Master uses a mix of methodologies and training techniques: lectures, seminars, case studies, company visits, teamwork, discussion and drafting of reports, etc.

📌  The pre-enrollment is mandatory in order to enroll.

The Professional Course is devoted to train new professional figures applying the concepts, contents, languages, and methods of management. The goal is to develop specific skills in the context of firms’internationalization. The Master uses a mix of methodologies and training techniques: lectures, seminars, case studies, company visits, teamwork, discussion and drafting of reports.

Single Courses

1. International Business – 415,00€

2. International Accounting – 310,00€

3. Digital Media Analytics – 210,00€

4. Digital Media Marketing – 210,00€

5. E-Commerce – 210,00€

6. Innovation Management And Patent Intelligence – 210,00€

7. International Marketing – 310,00€

8. Organisational Design And Global Supply Chain  – 310,00€

9. International Payments And Documentary Credits – 310,00€

10. Strategy And Business Plan – 415,00€

11. Web Communication – 210,00€

12. Web Design – 210,00€

The program of the executive course includes a compulsory internship of 3 months or more which offers a unique opportunity to put in practice the MIBS subjects directly in the business world and to better understand the process of internationalization. During the internship period, participants will also develop a final project work that will combine theory frameworks learned in class with the internship experience outcome. The MIBS office will support all participants during the internship and the first contact with companies.

The partners:

  • DANI S.P.A.

Teaching takes place from November 2021 to September 2022 also in the form of distance learning or e-learning (total number of hours of e-learning teaching will be under 30% of the whole teaching program)which is followed by a period of compulsory internship for a period of at least 3 months.
The course ends with the elaboration and discussion of a FPW (Final Project Work). Classes are held on Friday and Saturday. There are days dedicated to group work and individual study referred to as ‘Study Breaks’ or ‘In-class Study Break.

At the end of the MIBS program, students will have acquired an adequate knowledge of the issues related to the management of companies located in global markets, deepening the legal, economic, financial aspects of international markets for goods, services and capital, as well as the tools of the web and social media marketing useful to support internationalization processes.
This will allow the integration of their knowledge in a broader and interdisciplinary context.

AreaFinance Law International Relations
Start and End Datenovember 2021 – september 2022
Entry RequirementsFirst-cycle degree (Bachelor's degree)
Attendance70% mandatory attendance

300 hours lessons in presence

20 hours laboratory work

10 hours online

500 hours internship

200 hours project work
Tuition FeeMaster € 6.322,50
More InfoFurther details will are available on the Selection Process Notice 21/22, on UniPD website.