Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We enhance the skills and resources of the entire University of Padua

We enhance the skills and resources of the entire University of Padua


Becoming a point of reference for the third mission and beyond

Based on and in the interest of the University, UniSMART – Fondazione Università degli Studi di Padova deals with:


Supporting the University in promoting and implementing third mission actions, such as transferring and enhancing research achievements, also through patent protection and the creation of new businesses, by generating, developing and managing the relationships between the University and the territory


Supporting the University in organizing after-graduate training courses and other Life Long Learning activities


Supporting the University in promotional, event planning and public involvement activities


Supporting the University in internationalizing its educational and research activities


Supporting the University in carrying out integrative and complementary educational and research activities


Supporting the University’s institutional activities concerning the campus and other instrumental service facilities


Supporting the University in fundraising activities and calls for contributions by public and private legal and natural persons, to pursue the University’s institutional goals


Supporting the University in the involvement of public and private, local, national, community, foreign and international entities, also by taking part in companies, consortia, associations or foundations, to pursue the Foundation and University’s purposes


Universa universis patavina libertas

As a whole, for everyone, freedom at the University of Padua – this is the motto with which the University of Padua was founded in 1222, when a few students migrated from the University of Bologna, as Municipal inspections and pressure on student-run organizations became more and more frequent.

Despite this motto being born out of such a specific historical-cultural context, it is still very modern, valid and representative, on the cusp of the 800th anniversary of the Foundation, which encompasses the ‘universal’ wealth of knowledge of the University, to project it toward the future and make it available ‘for everyone’.

UniSMART – Fondazione Università degli Studi di Padova, has the purpose of enhancing the competences and resources of the entire University, by placing it at the centre of a network of relationships and connections with public and private stakeholders.
Betting on technological innovation, impact on society and internationalization, it promotes, increases and spreads its wealth of knowledge, through research, training and the third mission.