BIM2TWIN aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform for construction management that implements lean principles to reduce operational waste of all kinds, shortening schedules, reducing costs, enhancing quality and safety and reducing carbon footprint. BIM2TWIN proposes a comprehensive, holistic approach. It consists of a (DBT) platform that provides full situational awareness and an extensible set of construction management applications. It supports a closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act mode of construction. Its key features are:

  1. Grounded conceptual analysis of data, information and knowledge in the context of DBTs, which underpins a robust system architecture.
  2. A common platform for data acquisition and complex event processing to interpret multiple monitored data streams from construction site and supply chain to establish real-time project status in a Project Status Model (PSM).
  3. Exposure of the PSM to a suite of construction management applications through an easily accessible application programming interface (API) and directly to users through a visual information dashboard.
  4. Applications include monitoring of schedule, quantities & budget, quality, safety, and environmental impact.
  5. PSM representation based on property graph semantically linked to the Building Information Model (BIM) and all project management data. The property graph enables flexible, scalable storage of raw monitoring data in different formats, as well as storage of interpreted information. It enables smooth transition from construction to operation.

BIM2TWIN: Optimal Construction Management & Production Control


BIM2TWIN is a broad, multidisciplinary consortium with hand-picked partners who together provide an optimal combination of knowledge, expertise and experience in a variety of monitoring technologies, artificial intelligence, computer vision, information schema and graph databases, construction management, equipment automation and occupational safety. The DBT platform will be experimented on 3 demo sites (Spain, France, Finland).


The project’s primary aim is to design, implement and test a construction management platform able to make managers aware of real-time status of everything happening on site and throughout the whole supply chain.

BIM2TWIN will integrate a range of different construction management applications empowered by multiple monitoring data sources, providing Situational Awareness to the managers across the value chain.

The main output of the project will be a Project Status Model (PSM) graphically representing monitored data properties, referencing/incorporating BIM.

The key challenges for the BIM2TWIN partners to overcome are:

  1. Developing and refining sophisticated automated monitoring techniques for all stages of construction;
  2. Merging and interpreting multiple streams of monitored input data from site and the supply chain to deduce the current status of products and processes;
  3. Representation of the Project Status Model in a property graph database structure, including BIM objects;
  4. Developing predictive analytics for construction progress using simulations;
  5. Building a decision support dashboard for forward planning at different resolutions of project planning and control.


Bruno Fies, Project Coordinator – CSTB

Iscrizioni Chiuse

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 958398.

Call identifier: LC-EEB-08-2020.